UIC Energy Efficiency Days 2014

Energy Efficient Rolling Stock

Moderator: Harald Jony, Director of Energy Sales, ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG
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The biggest energy consumer in railway sector is obviously the train. The further needs are changing and the demand on energy per train ride is getting higher because of the market requirements. There some solution of dual hybrid rail vehicles in Europe but is this the technical solution the future?
This workshop will show some solutions from European manufactures of today and the future (...)

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  • Energy efficient diesel traction

    , by Florence Albert

    Moderator : Roland Nolte, Director, IZT - Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment
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    Diesel traction plays a major role at World level and a significant one in Europe and a significant one in providing rail services. In Europe, total emissions of (...)

  • Procurement of energy efficient rolling stock

    , by Florence Albert

    Moderators: Philippe Clément, Ecomobility manager, SNCF, Laurent Nicod, Alstom
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    The European railway sector wants to reduce its energy consumption – for reasons of costs and the associated environmental and climate impacts. A prominent way for that is to procure, (...)

  • Load factor

    , by Florence Albert

    Moderator: Willy Bontinck, Environmental and Energy Management SNCB and UIC Energy Environment & Sustainability Platform Chair
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    The average energy consumption per pkm or tkm is the main indicator to measure energy efficiency in transport. So an accurate (...)